Sunday, January 24, 2010

Well crap

Just recently I posted:

And let's hope the media doesn't get lazy and endlessly harp on the "look how far they've come since Katrina" meme. Do some reporting and come up with something original. Katrina was awful. We know. There's no need to relive it.

From the AP Saints-Vikings story that just moved about and hour and a half ago:

The team that had no home five years ago after Hurricane Katrina ravaged its city and the Superdome overcame a slew of mistakes in the biggest game the Big Easy has ever seen.
“This is for everybody in this city,” said coach Sean Payton, the architect of the Saints’ turnaround. “This stadium used to have holes in it and used to be wet. It’s not wet anymore. This is for the city of New Orleans.”
Forget the paper bag masks and that long history of losing started in 1967. Moments after Hartley’s kick, they were toasting their hometown winners on Bourbon Street.
And in the Superdome, once a squalid refuge after Katrina, they boogied in the aisles as confetti covered the field.

And so it begins.

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