Sunday, January 24, 2010

Colts vs. Saints

Well, I gotta admit, for as big of a stinkbomb as the playoffs were up to this point, the conference championship games were outstanding.

Peyton Manning reminded all of us, finally, that he was Peyton Manning. He didn't look too hot in the win over Baltimore, or early in today's game against the Jets, but boy, did he ever take over when he had to. After spotting the feel-good (for everyone but me) Jets an 11-point lead, he put the Colts on his back.

Any doubters need to can it. He's the best quarterback in the league, he has been for quite some time, and sometimes it feels like he's still getting better. And now he goes for his second Super Bowl and validation for previous postseason failings and the fact that his first Super Bowl title came against Rex Grossman.

And on the NFC side, while the media's constant fawning over Brett Favre's every move has grown indelibly tiresome, you almost have to feel for how his coaches absolutely screwed him over toward the end of regulation. Kissing Suzy Kolber's Drew Magary feels the same way, apparently (WARNING: Link contains some extremely salty language). So feel for Favre. For about a second. Then quickly move on.

The Saints had absolutely no business winning that game. The Vikes' defense pushed them around for three quarters, but Purple Jesus turned into Fumbles McButterhands again. It never should have come down to overtime, because it never should have gone to overtime. Minnesota should have won this game by two touchdowns. But they didn't. Because they are the Vikings, and their fans are not meant to be happy. Like Bills fans. Both 0-4 in Super Bowls, we share a common misery.

So, good for you, Nawlins. And let's hope the media doesn't get lazy and endlessly harp on the "look how far they've come since Katrina" meme. Do some reporting and come up with something original. Katrina was awful. We know. There's no need to relive it.

Also, does Troy Aikman ever say anything that amounts to more than "You're right, Joe"?

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